According to traditional belief, the credit goes to Lord Shiva, Sage Parasurama and Sage Agasthya.
One practitioner can attain perfection with the ancient and invigorating Kalaripayattu. Unlike in the other martial arts, the Kalaripayattu practitioners learn about the external and internal features of the body in detail pertaining to Marma chikitsa or vital point treatment. As learning marma chikitsa is a completion of the kalaripayattu course.
Some of the practical techniques, locks, evasive techniques using vital points are very meaningful and can be used for self-defense to make the opponent submissive. The main objective of W.K.F. is not only to make Kalaripayattu in to self-defense martial arts discipline, but also to make it counted in major International Games in the Universe.


The world Kalaripayattu Federation was recognize as six event with 3 age category (Sub-Junior, Junior & Senior) in the International Kalaripayattu sports championship/games event viz. Verumkai (Free Hand Fight) - (Full and Semi Contact Fight), Maipayattu (Steps and Technique) (Individual Performance Event), Vaal Payattu (Sword) (Individual Performance Event), Urumi (Flexible Sword - (Individual Performance Event), Neduvadipayattu (Stick Fight) -(Team Performance Event) (Two person), Vaalum Parichayum (Sword and Shield) - (Team Event) (Two person).

VERUMKAI (FREE HAND FIGHT) – (Compact) (Full And Semi Contact Fight)

Free hand fight is the fight event done by hands and legs without the use of any weapons. This event is designed with hard and soft techniques and various movements of the body. Hard techniques like full contact punches and kicks and soft techniques like dodges and locks are tactically important in this free hand fight. Doing soft techniques in between hard techniques and while holding a person to do a soft technique, should avoid hard movements, is very important game techniques for this event.

MAIPAYATTU/STEPS AND TECHNIQUE (Individual Performance Event)

Maipayattu/Step is an integral part of Kalaripayattu, based on the eight body posture, which skillfully exhibits the psycho-physical agility and strength of its performer in whom the moral courage, enthusiasm and physical strength of a master of Kalari are judiciously integrated technique.

VAAL PAYATTU (Sword ) (Individual Performance Event)

This is a skill which mesmerizes the spectator through the mastery of its in performer handling sword weapon through systematic training with complete concentration. This is a hallmark of Kalaripayattu.